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Our mission is to strengthen community; enable the cultivation and consumption of wholesome, homegrown food; provide an environment for hands-on education in organic gardening; foster an intergenerational gardening experience; and enhance the beauty of neighborhood green space.


The Henderson Park Community Garden is located on the Henderson Road side of Henderson Park and consists of 55 4×10 plots, four of them dedicated to growing food for the Friends of St. Martin de Porres food ministry at Holy Cross Catholic Church.


We are an organic garden. Though the land on which our garden sits is owned by the City of Tucker, we are its stewards.  Our commitment to organic gardening extends beyond its practice to increasing its acceptance and use as the most effective method for growing healthy plants and building healthy soil. Our first class in the garden (Gardening 101 Demonstration) illustrated this commitment with lessons on the history and consequences of synthetic and chemical fertilizers and pesticides, and the availability, superiority, and application of natural inputs. The class concluded with hands-on transplanting demonstrations.


Run by an all-volunteer organization, the garden consists of community-minded, health-conscious members who value conservation, self-reliance, civic participation, and neighborhood beautification. Our founding members have donated thousands of hours of labor and sweat equity to turn our dream of a garden into a reality.


Advocates of community gardening cite “community cohesion” and “increased social interaction” as two of its many benefits. These are certainly in evidence in our young garden, which has become more than just a place for people to gather; the garden actually creates the opportunity for people to connect. Additionally, the Henderson Park Community Garden connects Tucker to its agricultural roots as the process of sowing, tending, and reaping provides the link to a past when most people knew how to grow their own food.


The Henderson Park Community Garden was started under DeKalb County’s Garden in the Parks program. In accordance with the program, the HPCG is responsible for the development, construction, upkeep, watering, and overall maintenance of the garden area; ensuring that garden rules are followed; handling plot rentals; and paying any fees associated with these activities.


Current Member Information

We're glad to have you for another year! View below for the current 2024 garden plot map.

Current HPCG Plot Map

New Member Information

  • Annual membership dues (plot rental) of $50

  • Plots are rented for the current calendar year

  • Each member may rent only one plot             

  • Each member is required to volunteer six (6) hours in the calendar year to garden maintenance

  • For the 2024 Membership year, no member may grow gourds (squash, zucchini, cucumbers, etc), beans (snap, lima, long, etc), or field peas (black-eyes, pink-eyes, purple hulls, etc) due to Mexican Bean Beetle infestation


Plots are fully rented for the 2024 growing season. Please complete the form to join the waiting list.

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